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Oscar A. Barbarin, Ph.D.  is Chair and Wilson H. Elkins Distinguished Professor of  African American Studies and Professor of Psychology at the University of Maryland, College Park. He earned BA from St. Joseph’s Seminary and  an MS and  Ph.D. in Clinical  Psychology from Rutgers University. He has been a principal investigation on several national studies of young children at risk of behavioral, emotional  and academic difficulties.  Current projects include evaluation of math and reading apps for pre-school children. Another project in the planning phase is a longitudinal study that examines how traumatic events,  parenting and hormones interact to predict development of aggression,  oppositional behavior and social competence. This work has been undertaken with the goal of  illuminating biopsychosocial  influences on children’s development. He is the recipient of the Distinguished Contributions to Understanding International, Cultural and Contextual Diversity in Child Development from SRCD. He was appointed chair of the US National Committee for Psychology by the National Academies of Science and elected to the executive board of the International Union of Psychological Sciences and  the SRCD Governing Board.  His current research activities center around the development of boys of color;  evaluation of universal mental health screening in school settings; and early childhood interventions.  He initiated and helps to co-ordinate the Research Collaborative on Young Boys and Men of Color.