Structural model of acculturation attitudes and related psychosocial variables: Empirical evidence in native Spaniards

Pedro J. Pérez Moreno, Antonio J. Rojas Tejada, Marisol Navas Luque, Oscar M. Lozano Rojas
Published Online:
20 Nov 2013
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 49 Issue 3

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This work falls within the framework of the study of acculturation processes of natives and immigrants. Its goal is to test an explanatory multi‐group model of natives' acculturation attitudes as a function of diverse psychosocial variables: Prejudice and natives' appraisal of their own culture (in a direct way) and inter‐group contact and perceived inter‐group similarity (in an indirect way). Participants were 499 Spaniards surveyed for their attitude towards Romanian immigrants and 493 towards Ecuadorian immigrants. The indicators used took into account three socio‐cultural spheres: peripheral, intermediate and central areas. This multi‐group model shows an adequate fit to the data.

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