A multi‐process model of self‐regulation: Influences of Mindfulness, Integrative Self‐Knowledge and Self‐Control in Iran

Nima Ghorbani, P.J. Watson, Mehran Farhadi, Zhuo Chen
Published Online:
02 Jan 2014
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 49 Issue 2

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Self‐regulation presumably rests upon multiple processes that include an awareness of ongoing self‐experience, enduring self‐knowledge and self‐control. The present investigation tested this multi‐process model using the Five‐Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire (FFMQ) and the Integrative Self‐Knowledge and Brief Self‐Control Scales. Using a sample of 1162 Iranian university students, we confirmed the five‐factor structure of the FFMQ in Iran and documented its factorial invariance across males and females. Self‐regulatory variables correlated negatively with Perceived Stress, Depression, and Anxiety and positively with Self‐Esteem and Satisfaction with Life. Partial mediation effects confirmed that self‐regulatory measures ameliorated the disturbing effects of Perceived Stress. Integrative Self‐Knowledge and Self‐Control interacted to partially mediate the association of Perceived Stress with lower levels of Satisfaction with Life. Integrative Self‐Knowledge, alone or in interaction with Self‐Control, was the only self‐regulation variable to display the expected mediation of Perceived Stress associations with all other measures. Self‐Control failed to be implicated in self‐regulation only in the mediation of Anxiety. These data confirmed the need to further examine this multi‐process model of self‐regulation.

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