Categorisation salience and ingroup bias: The buffering role of a multicultural ideology

Rui Costa‐Lopes, Cícero Roberto Pereira, Charles M. Judd
Published Online:
25 Feb 2014
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 49 Issue 6

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The current work sought to test the moderating role of a multicultural ideology on the relationship between categorisation salience and ingroup bias. Accordingly, in one experimental study, we manipulated categorisation salience and the accessibility of a multicultural ideology, and measured intergroup attitudes. Results show that categorisation salience only leads to ingroup bias when a multiculturalism (MC) ideology is not made salient. Thus, MC ideology attenuates the negative effects of categorisation salience on ingroup bias. These results pertain to social psychology in general showing that the cognitive processes should be construed within the framework of ideological contexts.

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