Cross‐cultural sex differences in situational triggers of aggressive responses

Anna Zajenkowska, Kostas Mylonas, Claire Lawrence, Karolina Konopka, Joanna Rajchert
Published Online:
14 Mar 2014
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 49 Issue 5

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This paper examines male and female individual differences in situational triggers of aggressive responses (STAR) in three countries as well as cross‐cultural sex differences in trait aggression (aggression questionnaire, AQ). Convenience sampling was employed (university students) for the descriptive correlational study (Poland N = 300, 63% female, mean age 21.86, SD = 2.12; UK N = 196, 60% female, mean age 20.48, SD = 3.79; Greece N = 299, 57% female, mean age 20.71, SD = 4.42). The results showed that the STAR scale is an equivalent construct across all three countries. Overall, females were more sensitive to both provocation (SP) and frustration (SF) than males. When controlling for trait aggression, Polish and Greek females scored similarly in SP and higher than UK females. No sex differences in SP or SF were found in the UK sample. Additionally, Polish participants scored the highest in SP. Furthermore, when trait aggression was removed, the Greek participants were most sensitive to frustration, whereas Polish and English participants' SF did not differ. We discuss the results with regard to intercultural differences between investigated countries.

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