Meanings Turkish people perceive in everyday occupations: Factor structure of Turkish OVal‐pd

Lütfiye K. Cicerali, Ensari Cicerali, Mona Eklund
Published Online:
16 May 2014
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 50 Issue 1

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Occupational value with predefined items scale is an originally 26‐item Swedish tool used to assess values people find in their everyday doings. The present study validated this scale on a Turkish sample and described the values that Turks perceived in their daily doings. The participants included a convenience sample of 446 adults with mean age 26 (SD = 7.3). Initial item analysis followed by principal component analysis (Promax) and internal reliability analyses of the components were conducted. Statistics yielded a 19‐item solution distributed across four factors. The Cronbach's alpha was .86, indicating good reliability. Confirming the earlier applications of the scale in the European and the American samples, factors related to recuperation, goal direction and social interaction emerged. Additionally, there appeared another occupational value subfactor, conservation, which did not show up in the Swedish and the American data analyses.

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