Values and helping behavior: A study in four cultures

Ella Daniel, Antoine Selim Bilgin, Ivan Brezina, Charlotte Eva Strohmeier, Maris Vainre
Published Online:
18 Jul 2014
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 50 Issue 3

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Values are important factors in determining individuals' behaviours. Previous studies have examined the relations between values and helping behaviour, but usually in the context of a single culture. The current study examines the relations between personal value types and helping behaviour among university students (N = 722) in four cultures (Germany, Scotland‐UK, Israel and Turkey). Across cultures, the value types of self‐transcendence versus self‐enhancement and conservation versus openness to change were positively related to helping. Specifically, self‐transcendence values were positively related, and self‐enhancement and openness to change values negatively related, to helping behaviour. The correlations pattern did not differ significantly between cultures.

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