Burger or yogurt? Indulgent consumption in impression management contexts

Yin‐Hui Cheng, Molly C.‐J. Huang, Shih‐Chieh Chuang, Ying Rung Ju
Published Online:
07 Oct 2014
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 50 Issue 5

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We conducted three studies to investigate indulgent choice in settings with and without impression management by public–private manipulation with evaluation. Study 1 showed that the participants were less indulgent under public scrutiny due to the employment of impression management. Study 2 focused on the impression management context to test the moderate effect of self‐consciousness in two impression managed contexts. Study 3 focused on context without impression management to test the moderate effects of self‐awareness on choices. We found that depending on differences in primed personality, individuals tended to make choices other than those they favoured privately when anticipating that others might form impressions of them based on the decisions made. The findings of all three studies support our basic prediction that people are less indulgent under impression management and suggest that people tend to manage their impression by eating healthier (less indulgently) in public.

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