Exploring the implications of social change for human development: Perspectives, issues and future directions

Xinyin Chen
Published Online:
11 Dec 2014
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 50 Issue 1

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Researchers have investigated the implications of social change for human development from different perspectives. The studies published in this special section were conducted within Greenfield's theoretical framework (2009). The findings concerning links between specific sociodemographic features (e.g., commercial activities, schooling) and individual cognition and social behaviour are particularly interesting because they tap the underlying forces that drive human development. To further understand the issues in these studies and in the field, a pluralist‐constructive perspective is discussed, which emphasises the integration of diverse values and practices in both Western and non‐Western societies and its effects on the development of sophisticated competencies in individual adaptation to the changing global community. In addition, several issues are highlighted and some suggestions are provided for future explorations in this field.

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