Taxonomy and structure of Persian personality‐descriptive trait terms

Mohammad N. Farahani, Boele De Raad, Valiolla Farzad, Mahmood Fotoohie
Published Online:
22 Dec 2014
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 51 Issue 2

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We described the development of a taxonomy of Persian personality‐descriptive terms in two studies. In Study 1, judges scanned Persian dictionaries and several Persian novels for person‐descriptive terms. The resulting set of person‐descriptive terms was classified into different categories of description, including the category of dispositional trait‐descriptive adjectives. Of the 544 most familiar traits, 126 traits were selected to collect self‐ratings. In Study 2, self‐ratings were provided by 2400 students. Ratings were factor analysed (Principal Components Analysis) followed by Varimax rotation. Factor structures with two to six factors were discussed. The two‐factor structure and the three‐factor structure confirm the Big Two and the Big Three, respectively. Of the structures with five and six factors, the five‐factor structure appears to be the more appropriate choice, with the factors labelled Morality, Positive versus Negative Emotionality, Achievement, Thoughtfulness and Affection. Gender differences were measured on both the five‐factor structure and the six‐factor structure. The discussion section emphasised both cross‐cultural commonalities and cultural deviations in reference to the Big Five.

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