Stereotype activation is unintentional: Behavioural and event‐related potenials evidence

Pei Wang, Ya‐Ping Yang, Chen‐Hao Tan, Xiang‐Xia Zhao, Yong‐He Liu, Chong‐De Lin
Published Online:
27 Jan 2015
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 51 Issue 2

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In this study, a priming Stroop paradigm was used to determine whether stereotype activation is unintentional. Priming conditions (priming/no‐priming) and the relationship between priming and target (consistent/inconsistent/no‐relation) were the independent variables; accuracy, reaction time and N400 amplitude were used as dependent variables. The reaction time revealed that stereotype activation is, to some extent, unintentional. Furthermore, the event‐related potenial (ERP) results showed that N400 amplitude was larger for inconsistent conditions than for consistent conditions. This result supported the notion that stereotype activation is an unintentional and automatic process.

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