Factor structure and correlates of the Mandarin version of the Managing the Emotions of Others (MEOS) scale

Donald H. Saklofske, Elizabeth J. Austin, Gonggu Yan, Martin M. Smith
Published Online:
12 Feb 2015
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 51 Issue 1

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The English‐language version of the Managing the Emotions of Others (MEOS) scale has been found to have a six‐factor structure. This includes two pairs (Enhance, Divert and Worsen, Inauthentic) that respectively describe prosocial and non‐prosocial interpersonal emotion management, together with an emotional concealment factor (Conceal) and a factor assessing poor self‐rated emotional skills. A Mandarin translation of the MEOS was completed by 277 Chinese student participants. Factor analysis indicated a four‐factor structure comprising a merged Enhance/Divert factor, together with Worsen, Inauthentic and Conceal factors. The emergence of a different factor structure compared to Western samples may be related to culture‐dependent attitudes to emotional expression. The associations of the MEOS factors with Five‐Factor model personality, the Dark Triad and trait emotional intelligence (EI) were examined; these were similar to but generally weaker than those found for the English‐language version.

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