Psychometric properties of the Social Problem Solving Inventory‐Revised Short‐Form in a South African population

Katherine Sorsdahl, Dan J. Stein, Bronwyn Myers
Published Online:
07 Aug 2015
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 52 Issue 2

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The Social Problem Solving Inventory‐Revised Short‐Form (SPSI‐R:SF) has been used in several countries to identify problem‐solving deficits among clinical and general populations in order to guide cognitive‐behavioural interventions. Yet, very few studies have evaluated its psychometric properties. Three language versions of the questionnaire were administered to a general population sample comprising 1000 participants (771 English‐, 178 Afrikaans‐ and 101 Xhosa‐speakers). Of these participants, 210 were randomly selected to establish test–retest reliability (70 in each language). Principal component analysis was performed to examine the applicability of the factor structure of the original questionnaire to the South African data. Supplementary psychometric analyses were performed, including internal consistency and test–retest reliability. Collectively, results provide initial evidence of the reliability and validity of the SPSI‐R:SF for the assessment of problem solving deficits in South Africa. Further studies that explore how the Afrikaans language version of the SPSI‐R:SF can be improved and that establish the predictive validity of scores on the SPSI‐R:SF are needed.

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