Attitude towards technology, social media usage and grade‐point average as predictors of global citizenship identification in Filipino University Students

Romeo B. Lee, Rito Baring, Madelene Sta Maria, Stephen Reysen
Published Online:
04 Aug 2015
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 52 Issue 3

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We examine the influence of a positive attitude towards technology, number of social media network memberships and grade‐point average (GPA) on global citizenship identification antecedents and outcomes. Students (N = 3628) at a university in the Philippines completed a survey assessing the above constructs. The results showed that attitude towards technology, number of social network site memberships and GPA‐predicted global citizenship identification, and subsequent prosocial outcomes (e.g. intergroup helping, responsibility to act for the betterment of the world), through the perception that valued others prescribe a global citizen identity (normative environment) and perceived knowledge of the world and felt interconnectedness with others (global awareness). The results highlight the associations between technology and academic performance with a global identity and associated values.

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