Agentic and communal narcissism and satisfaction with life: The mediating role of psychological entitlement and self‐esteem

Magdalena A. Żemojtel‐Piotrowska, Jarosław P. Piotrowski, John Maltby
Published Online:
23 Dec 2015
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 52 Issue 5

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This study examined the mediational role of self‐esteem (as an enhancement) and psychological entitlement (as a cost) in the relationship between an agentic‐communal model of grandiose narcissism and satisfaction with life. Two hundred and forty‐eight university undergraduate students completed measures of agentic and communal narcissism, self‐esteem, psychological entitlement and satisfaction with life. The findings suggest that there is support for the usefulness of the agentic‐communal model of narcissism, and, consistent with predictions in the wider literature, self‐esteem and psychological entitlement mediated the relationship between agentic‐communal narcissism and life satisfaction.

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