Impression management and achievement motivation: Investigating substantive links

Andrew J. Elliot, Nawal Aldhobaiban, Kou Murayama, Ahmed Kobeisy, Małgorzata A. Gocłowska, Aber Khyat
Published Online:
25 Jan 2016
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 53 Issue 1

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In this research, we investigate impression management (IM) as a substantive personality variable by linking it to differentiated achievement motivation constructs, namely achievement motives (workmastery, competitiveness, fear of failure) and achievement goals (mastery‐approach, mastery‐avoidance, performance‐approach, performance‐avoidance). Study 1 revealed that IM was a positive predictor of workmastery and a negative predictor of competitiveness (with and without self‐deceptive enhancement (SDE) controlled). Studies 2a and 2b revealed that IM was a positive predictor of mastery‐approach goals and mastery‐avoidance goals (without and, in Study 2b, with SDE controlled). These findings highlight the value of conceptualising and utilising IM as a personality variable in its own right and shed light on the nature of the achievement motive and achievement goal constructs.

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