Culture and sensory response to visual stimuli

Inchan Park, Yeonkoo Hong
Published Online:
28 Apr 2016
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 53 Issue 1

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This study investigated the influence of culture on people's sensory responses, such as smell, taste, sound and touch to visual stimuli. The sensory feelings of university students from four countries (Japan, South Korea, Britain and France) to six images were evaluated. The images combined real and abstract objects and were presented on a notebook computer. Overall, 280 participants (144 men and 136 women; n = 70/country) were included in the statistical analysis. The chi‐square independence analysis showed differences and similarities in the sensory responses across countries. Most differences were detected in smell and taste, whereas few variations were observed for sound responses. Large variations in the response were observed for the abstract coral and butterfly images, but few differences were detected in response to the real leaf image. These variations in response were mostly found in the British and Japanese participants.

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