Haptic modality takes its time: Dynamic of activations of sensory modalities in perceptual and memory processes

Stephanie Dabic, Amandine E. Rey, Jordan Navarro, Rémy Versace
Published Online:
18 Aug 2016
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 53 Issue 3

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Based on claims resulting from grounded cognition theory that perceptual and memory processes are using the same distributed systems, the present study investigated the temporal aspect of access to memory traces through haptic and auditory modalities. Unlike in the case of visual or auditory components, the perception of a vibrotactile component is more sequential in nature and therefore cannot be fully processed before the end of the signal. The present study explores the dynamic of components activation in a situation of audio‐vibrotactile asynchrony. We used a short‐term priming paradigm consisting of an association phase (between a vibration and sound) and a test phase testing priming effect of a vibrotactile stimulation on the processing of a target sound. Results showed an interference with a simultaneous processing and a facilitation with a sequential processing. The temporality process of perceptual components is also important at a memory level.

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