A differing bidirectional impact on the recognition accuracy of facial expression

Jingjing Wang, Weijian Li, Xinyu Li, Ping Li, Yuchi Zhang, Xiaoyu Jia, Yue Chen, Mickie Vanhoy, Binghai Sun
Published Online:
01 Aug 2016
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 53 Issue 3

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This study explored a bidirectional impact on the recognition accuracy of various facial expressions deriving from both the observer and sender in a sample of Chinese participants. A facial manipulation task was used to examine the ability of an observer's facial feedback to modulate the recognition of various facial expressions. Furthermore, the effect of a sender's facial expression with an open or closed mouth on recognition accuracy was investigated. The results showed that only recognition accuracy of a sad facial expression was influenced simultaneously by bidirectional sources from a sender and observer. Moreover, the impact of the unidirectional cue of a sender's facial feature (i.e., mouth openness) on happy and neutral faces was found to influence the recognition accuracy of these faces, but not the observer's bodily state. These findings indicate that the bidirectional impact derived from an observer and sender on facial expression recognition accuracy differs for emotional and neutral expressions.

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