Differential effects of school experiences on active citizenship among German and Turkish‐origin students

Philipp Jugert, Katharina Eckstein, Peter Noack
Published Online:
14 Dec 2016
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 53 Issue 6

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While research suggests that schools can foster active citizenship among youth, studies have not tested whether ethnic minority youth may benefit differently from school experiences than ethnic majority youth. In this study of 219 students (138 German majority and 81 Turkish‐origin minority; Mage = 18.26; 55% females), we examined the association between different experiences at school and 4 indicators of youth active citizenship, controlling for various socio‐demographic characteristics. Although value of social studies was associated with three out of four active citizenship indicators among both ethnic groups, the effects of the other school‐related variables on active citizenship were moderated by ethnicity. Specifically, indicators of classroom climate, such as open classroom climate and classroom community, were only associated with greater active citizenship among Turkish‐minority youth, while participatory factors, such as engagement in school decisions, were only associated with active citizenship among native German youth.

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