Three‐factor structure and psychometric properties of Witte's Risk Behaviour Diagnosis Scale: A French version adapted to diabetes

Cinzia Guarnaccia, Sophie Henry
Published Online:
06 Sep 2017
Volume/Issue No:
Early View Articles

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The aim of this study was to verify the psychometric properties and the factorial structure of Witte's Risk Behaviour Diagnosis (RBD). This article shows the results of a French version of the RBD adapted to diabetes screening. An exploratory factor analysis was carried out in order to understand the number of underlying factors, a confirmatory factor analysis was performed and the four‐factor model proposed by the author and alternative models were compared. The concurrent validity was tested by a correlational analysis with the Perceived Fear Emotions Scale. The results confirmed a stable factor structure for the 12‐item version, with three factors reflecting total efficacy, severity of and susceptibility to threat. The value of having a psychometrically valid instrument to assess the impact of fear appeal‐based campaigns is linked to the current lack of a comprehensive assessment tool and the importance of preventing health risk behaviours.

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