The promotional role of meaning in life in future‐oriented coping: Positive affect as a mediator

Miao Miao, Yiqun Gan
Published Online:
26 Oct 2018

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The present study examined the role of meaning in life (MIL) in predicting positive affect and future‐oriented coping, and whether positive affect mediated the relationship between MIL and future‐oriented coping. The participants were 68 Chinese university students who were randomly assigned to two conditions: a MIL priming condition and a control condition. Positive affect was measured before and after the manipulation. MIL, positive affect and future‐oriented coping were assessed at 1‐week follow‐up. The results showed that the level of positive affect increased after the manipulation in the MIL priming condition. Fifty‐five of the participants completed the follow‐up survey, and results showed that the MIL priming condition exhibited higher levels of future‐oriented coping at follow‐up compared to the control condition. Mediation analyses confirmed that MIL promoted proactive coping via positive affect. This study provides empirical support for the promotional role of MIL in future‐oriented coping and clarifies the mechanism via the mediating effect of positive affect.

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