Your love makes me feel more secure: Boosting attachment security decreases materialistic values

Ying Sun, Luxiao Wang, Jiang Jiang, Rong Wang
Published Online:
06 Nov 2018

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Enhanced interpersonal security has been shown to diminish the desire for money and possessions. In the present study, we focus on attachment security to examine the relationship between attachment security and materialism. By employing the experience in close relationships – short scale and material values scale, we observed a positive relationship between attachment insecurity and materialism in Study 1. In Study 2, we primed participants' feeling of attachment security to further explore the impact of attachment security on materialistic values. The results showed that participants in the security‐priming group exhibited lower levels of state materialism (Study 2a) and a longer time to respond to materialism‐related words (Studies 2b and 2c) than participants in the neutral condition. However, attachment styles did not moderate the attachment security‐materialism relationship. Our findings reveal that regardless of attachment style, boosting attachment security can effectively decrease materialism.

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