The cross‐lagged relationship between interpersonal forgiveness and depression symptoms in China

Zhen Wu, Siyu Sun, Jieshuang Liang, Shanshan Zhang
Published Online:
16 Apr 2019

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This study investigated the relationship between the process of forgiveness and depressive symptoms in China. A total of 116 college students who had experienced an interpersonal transgression “within the past week” were selected to perform the tracking measurements at 2‐week intervals. Cross‐lagged models showed that the victim's depressive symptoms were related to increasing revenge and avoidance motivations as well as decreased benevolence motivation; however, the revenge, avoidance, and benevolence motivations of the victims did not predict subsequent changes in depressive symptoms. These results confirm that the presence of depressive symptoms is a predictor of the reduced interpersonal forgiveness, and the alleviation of individuals' depressive symptoms plays a protective role in the adaptive process of interpersonal relationships.

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