IAAP First IAAP School on Applied Cognitive Research

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Publish Date:
08 Jan, 2013


The First IAAP School on Applied Cognitive Research

The international PhD School – also appropriate for interdisciplinary postdoc and advance undergraduate participants – will be held 8-11 of April 2013 at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie and University of Paris VIII, Paris, France.

Organizing Committee
Thierry Baccino (France), José J. Cañas (Spain) and Boris M. Velichkovsky (Germany)

In the recent years, interdisciplinary cognitive research gained a tremendous importance not only for solving enduring scientific problems but also for progress in a number of applied domains such as human-computer interface technology, medicine, and education. The School will cover main tendencies of this new development. Leading experts from around the world will give state-of-the-art lectures on topics as divers as cognitive interface technology, optimization of financial decisions, applied stress research, cognitive neuropsychology and neuropsychiatry. Theoretical presentations will be accompanied by in-depth analysis of practical applications, including measurement and data analysis procedures. The renowned speakers will be available for extensive discussion of individual projects of all participants to the School.


Day 1: The Scope of Cognitive Research and Applications

1. AM Boris M. Velichkovsky (Dresden, Germany): "Studying cognitive systems and developing cognitive technologies"

2. AM Joachim Paul Hasebrook (Berlin, Germany): "Cognitive science impact on design and decision research"

3. PM Thierry Baccino (Paris, France): "Integrated technologies for supporting cognition and modeling natural behavior"

Plus 3-4 Oral presentations (20+5min) and 10-20 posters linked to the Day's theme.

Day 2: Neurocognitive Methods, Modeling and Praxes

4. AM Raja Parasumaran (Fairfax/ Washington, USA): "Neuroergonomics and applied cognitive research"

5. PM Anna B. Leonova (Moscow, Russia): "Cognitive fatigue and human stress resistance"

6. PM Frederic Deshais (Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace, Toulouse): "Towards a Neuroergonomics approach to better understand and mitigate human

Plus 3-4 Oral presentations (20+5min) and 10-20 posters linked to the Day's theme.

Day 3: Complex Task Analysis and Users Problems

7. AM Pertti Saariluoma (Jyväskylä, Finland): "Cognitive science and user psychology"

8. AM José J. Cañas (Granada, Spain): "Cognitive analysis of complex tasks"

9. AM Michel Denis (Paris, France): "Spatial knowledge: An interdisciplinary challenge for cognitive scientists"

Plus 3-4 Oral presentations (20+5min) and 10-20 posters linked to the Day's theme.

Day 4: Workshops and Special Social Events

AM Workshops / Round-table discussion: Proposals are invited

PM Museums and Exhibitions

For participation at the course please send an email containing your name, academic (professional) status, address/institution and a short (a half of a page) statement about
(i) Interests with respect to cognitive research
(ii) Experience in applied cognitive research (if there is any)
(iii) Readiness to present a short report on its results – In this later case, we would ask for a more formal summary of the possible presentation, including the title, one half page of text as well as a notice on intended form of presentation: oral or as a poster 
(iv) Expectations from the School

to mailto: springschool_paris2013@applied-cognition.org

Deadline for registration is 31st of January 2013. Due to limited resources (especially for the practical sessions) the number of participants is limited as well. A notification about the participation in the School and invitations (they might be needed for receiving a French/EU visa) will be sent by the 15th of February 2013. To cover costs of the course, a fee of 200,- EUR will be charged at the beginning of the School. More information on the conference website: 


A list of hotels in different price classes and other types of accommodation can be found below:

International Association of Applied Psychology
EU Project CogITo, CogITo, http://mg.inf.tu-dresden.de/tags/tags/cogito 
University of Paris VIII, http://www.univ-paris8.fr/
University of Granada, www.granada.es
Technische Universitaet Dresden, www.tu-dresden.de