International Congress of Psychology 2012

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Publish Date:
20 Nov, 2012


ICP 2012 was a great success, thanks to all who participated. 
Please note that the deadline for submission of papers for the proceedings has passed. Please do not submit any further papers.

Click here for the IUPsyS end of year message from Dr Cooper, or click here for the video 

Dr Saths Cooper, president of ICP 2012, has been appointed IUPsyS President!

Congratulations also to Dr Ann Watts for being appointed IUPsyS Secretary-General

Please direct all queries to

Photo Gallery from the Congress

Press Release: IUPSyS Awards at ICP 2012 

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Click here for the IJP/Abstracts - complete file.

Click here for the programme (without errata, errata are above) 

Videos from the Congress