Nominations for Wiley Prize in Psychology

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Publish Date:
15 Jan, 2013



Professor Anne Treisman FBA FRS has been named by the British Academy and Wiley as the winner of the 2013 Wiley Prize, awarded for lifetime achievement by an outstanding international scholar.

To celebrate, we’re offering free access to a selection of recent articles on Object Perception and Visual Memory:

Object Perception

Investigating the Relation Between Infants' Manual Activity With Objects and Their Perception of Dynamic Events
Heidi A. Baumgartner and Lisa M. Oakes

Visual size perception and haptic calibration during development
Developmental Science
Monica Gori, Luana Giuliana, Giulio Sandini and David Burr

Getting the closer object? An information-based dissociation between vision for perception and vision for movement in early infancy
Developmental Science
Margot van Wermeskerken, John van der Kamp, Geert J.P. Savelsbergh and Claes von Hofsten

The effects of schema on recognition memories and subjective experiences for actions and objects
Japanese Psychological Research
Ryoma Yamada and Yukio Itsukushima

The schema provokes a disparity of false recollection between actions and objects in an everyday scene
Scandinavian Journal of Psychology
Ryoma Yamada and Yukio Itsukushima

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Visual Memory

Distance Matters: Spatial Contiguity Effects as Trade-Off between Gaze Switches and Memory Load
Applied Cognitive Psychology
Vera Bauhoff, Markus Huff and Stephan Schwan

Reduced Verbal Memory Retention is Unrelated to Sleep Disturbance During PregnancyAustralian Psychologist
Danielle L Wilson, Maree Barnes, Lenore Ellett, Michael Permezel, Martin Jackson and Simon F Crowe

Manual tapping enhances visual short-term memory performance where visual and motor coordinates correspond
British Journal of Psychology
Raju P. Sapkota, Shahina Pardhan and Ian van der Linde

The Effect of Visual-Chunking-Representation Accommodation on Geometry Testing for Students with Math Disabilities
Learning Disabilities Research & Practice
Dake Zhang, Yi Ding, Joanna Stegall and Lei Mo

Memory Outcomes Following Selective Versus Non-selective Temporal Lobe Removal: A Systematic Review
Mind, Brain, and Education
Fady Girgis

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 Also of Interest


Handbook of Experimental Phenomenology: Visual Perception of Shape, Space and Appearance

Handbook of Experimental Phenomenology: Visual Perception of Shape, Space and Appearance
Edited by Liliana Albertazzi

Presents and discusses a new perspective in vision science, and formalizes a field of study that will become increasingly significant to researchers in visual science and beyond.

Read a free chapter: Surface Shape, the Science and the Looks

The Academy’s Wiley Prize in Psychology, worth £5,000, was created in 2009 as an annual award to recognize outstanding contributions in a field of psychology. 

The 2012 award went to Dr Yulia Kovas - a developmental psychologist from Goldsmiths, University of London whose research focuses on individual differences in learning

The 2011 award went to Professor Dr Michael Tomasello in recognition of Tomasello’s work identifying the unique cognitive and cultural processes that distinguish humans from their nearest primate relatives, the great ape.

The 2010 award went to Dr Essi Viding - an outstanding young developmental psychologist from University College London specializing in the causes of violent antisocial behavior in children and adolescents.

The 2009 award went to one of the world's leading pioneers of modern psychology- Professor Martin Seligman, currently Albert A Fox Leadership Professor at the University of Pennsylvania and Director of the University's Positive Psychology Center.