Transition to market economy promotes individualistic values: Analysing changes in frequencies of Russian words from 1980 to 2008

Boris B. Velichkovsky, Valery D. Solovyev, Vladimir V. Bochkarev, Farida F. Ishkineeva
Published Online:
11 Jan 2017
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 54 Issue 1

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Google Books Ngram was used to assess changes in frequency of usage in words corresponding to collectivistic and individualistic values in Russia during the time of economic changes. It was found that in many domains transition to market economy was associated with a rise in the use of words corresponding to individualistic values and a decrease in the use of words associated with collectivistic values. In several cases, words corresponding to collectivistic terms were used more often than words corresponding to individualistic values. The results suggest that economic changes lead to a change in values structure, but that individualistic and collectivistic values can co‐exist because of the transitional sate of the Russian society.

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