A clean self reduces bribery intent

Chao Li, Li Liu, Wenwen Zheng, Jianning Dang, Yuan Liang
Published Online:
14 Aug 2017
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 54 Issue 2

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The present research aimed at investigating the effect of physical cleanliness on bribery intent and the moderating role of personal need for structure (PNS) on this relationship. In Study 1, we used questionnaires to establish the correlation between bodily cleanliness and bribery intent. In Study 2, we examined the effect by priming sense of self‐cleanliness. Study 3 was conducted outside a public bath to test our finding that physical purity decreases bribery intent again; we further found that individuals with high PNS showed no reduction in bribery intent even after cleaning themselves. We thus connected physical cleanliness with the corruption field and improved our understanding of its underlying moderating mechanism.

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