Openness to experience and creativity: When does global citizenship matter?

Viktoria Tidikis, Nora D. Dunbar
Published Online:
04 Oct 2017
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 54 Issue 2

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The relationship between the openness to experience trait (OTE) and creativity has been well documented in previous research. Likewise, the global citizenship construct has theoretical overlap with both OTE and creativity. We hypothesised global citizenship would make a unique contribution to explaining variance in five types of creativity (self/everyday, scholarly, performance, mechanical/scientific and artistic), above and beyond the contribution of OTE. Participants were predominantly female, European American, traditionally aged college students (N = 407). Global citizenship prosocial outcomes explained unique variance in self/everyday (sr2 = .10), scholarly (sr2 = .03) and mechanical/scientific (sr2 = .03) creativity. Results are discussed in terms of dual processes theories of cognition.

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