The model of children's social adjustment under the gender‐roles absence in single‐parent families

I‐Jun Chen, Hailun Zhang, Bingsi Wei, Zeyao Guo
Published Online:
14 Jan 2018
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 54 Issue 3

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This study aimed to evaluate the effects of the gender‐role types and child‐rearing gender‐role attitude of the single‐parents, as well as their children's gender role traits and family socio‐economic status, on social adjustment. We recruited 458 pairs of single parents and their children aged 8–18 by purposive sampling. The research tools included the Family Socio‐economic Status Questionnaire, Sex Role Scales, Parental Child‐rearing Gender‐role Attitude Scale and Social Adjustment Scale. The results indicated: (a) single mothers' and their daughters' feminine traits were both higher than their masculine traits, and sons' masculine traits were higher than their feminine traits; the majority gender‐role type of single parents and their children was androgyny; significant differences were found between children's gender‐role types depending on different raiser, the proportion of girls' masculine traits raised by single fathers was significantly higher than those who were raised by single mothers; (b) family socio‐economic status and single parents' gender‐role types positively influenced parental child‐rearing gender‐role attitude, which in turn, influenced the children's gender traits, and further affected children's social adjustment.

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