Low self‐esteem, entrapment, and reason for living: A moderated mediation model of suicidal ideation

Yaxuan Ren, Jianing You, Min‐Pei Lin, Sian Xu
Published Online:
02 Oct 2018
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 54 Issue 6

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Adolescent suicidal ideation has become a top public health concern. It is thus significant to explore both risk and protective factors of adolescent suicidal ideation. The present study tested a moderated mediation model of suicidal ideation in a sample of Chinese adolescents. Chinese adolescents of 1074 (54.2% females, aged between 11 and 18 years) completed questionnaires assessing self‐esteem, entrapment, reason for living, and suicidal ideation. We found that entrapment mediated the association between low self‐esteem and suicidal ideation. The association between entrapment and suicidal ideation was moderated by reason for living. Findings of this study may expand our understanding of the development of suicidal ideation, and facilitate future research exploring the interplay of risk and protective factors of suicidality. Clinical implications of these findings were also discussed.

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