Zero‐sum thinking as mediator of the relationship of national attitudes with (un)willingness to host refugees in own country

Jarosław Piotrowski, Joanna Różycka‐Tran, Tomasz Baran, Magdalena Żemojtel‐Piotrowska
Published Online:
07 Jan 2019
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 54 Issue 6

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This study examines factors related to willingness to host refugees. We examined the role of national attitudes (patriotism, nationalism), out‐group attitudes (classic and modern prejudice), and zero‐sum thinking: Belief in a Zero‐Sum Game and psychological entitlement in attitudes towards hosting refugees. We proposed including zero‐sum thinking as possible mediator between national attitudes and attitudes towards refugees based on assumption that nationalism is a competitive attitude towards out‐groups, while patriotism does not. Structural equation modelling based on a Polish national sample (N = 1092) revealed that patriotism is positively associated with willingness to host refugees, through its negative association with prejudice via decreasing zero‐sum thinking. Nationalism was negatively associated with willingness to host refugees, through prejudice via increasing zero‐sum thinking. Findings are discussed in the context of current refugee policies.

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