Relationships between perfectionism, self‐report impulsivity measures and delay discounting

Katherine Wainwright, Paul Romanowich, Natashia Bibriescas
Published Online:
31 Mar 2020

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Perfectionism and impulsivity are multidimensional constructs. While different perfectionism dimensions are exclusively measured through self‐reports, different impulsivity dimensions can be measured through self‐report or behaviour via preferences for different rewards. This study explored differential associations between perfectionism and impulsivity based on both dimension and measurement modality (self‐report/behavioural). We then examined whether adaptive or maladaptive perfectionism would be differentially associated with impulsivity. Two‐hundred and six students completed two perfectionism and three impulsivity measures (two self‐report; one behavioural). Two self‐report impulsivity measures were associated with specific perfectionism dimensions, whereas the behavioural measure was not associated with perfectionism. Maladaptive perfectionism was associated with decreasing impulsivity, whereas adaptive perfectionism was associated with increasing impulsivity. Perfectionism related to impulsivity differently depending on how each construct was measured.

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