Can genes modulate anchoring effect?

Li Su, Hong Chen, Qinglin Zhang, Xingrong Hou, Manru Liu, Jianmin Zeng
Published Online:
21 Apr 2020

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The anchoring effect is a well‐known decision bias, referring that initial irrelevant number (anchor) can impact late estimation. Anchoring effect can be explained as people starting from the anchor and stopping incremental adjustment too early—in other words, jumping into the conclusion impulsively. High impulsivity is associated with AA genotype of rs806379. Therefore, we hypothesized that rs806379 polymorphism can exert an influence on the anchoring effect. The subjects completed an experimental task of anchoring effect and provided saliva for genotyping. As expected, we found that subjects with AA genotype of rs806379 demonstrated stronger anchoring effect. This is the first article that explores the anchoring effect from the gene perspective. Our finding suggests that nature plays a role in anchoring effect.

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