The role of co‐regulation of stress in the relationship between perceived partner responsiveness and binge eating: A dyadic analysis

Ahmet Furkan Tosyali, Mehmet Harma
Published Online:
22 Sep 2020
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 56 Issue 3

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The main aim of this study is to investigate whether there are relationships between perceived partner responsiveness (PPR), co‐regulation of negative affect between romantic partners and binge eating. Data were collected from 148 opposite‐sex romantic partners (18–61 years old) with the mean relationship duration being 8.04 years. Dyadic data were analysed through the actor–partner interdependence model framework. We proposed a model where co‐regulation between partners has indirect effects on the relationship between PPR and binge eating. Results showed that there was no direct association between PPR and binge eating scores of the participants. However, significant direct associations were found regarding both actor and partner effects of PPR on co‐regulation between romantic partners. In addition, there were four significant indirect effects: Women's co‐regulation had an indirect effect on the link between PPR and women's binge eating scores. Similarly, women's co‐regulation had also a significant indirect effect on the link between PPR and men's binge eating. These findings are the first to illustrate a relationship between PPR and binge eating. This study is the first attempt to examine binge eating in terms of co‐regulation processes.

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