Investigating the effects of a virtual reality‐based stress management programme on inpatients with mental disorders: A pilot randomised controlled trial

Hui Lin Emily Tan, Cecilia Mui Lee Chng, Ying Lau, Piyanee Klainin‐Yobas
Published Online:
22 Sep 2020
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 56 Issue 3

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This study aimed to examine the effects and feasibility of a virtual screen‐based stress management programme (V‐DESSERTS) on inpatients with mental disorders. A single‐blinded, pilot randomised controlled trial was conducted in a tertiary hospital in Singapore. Convenience sampling was used and participants were randomised into either the intervention group or the waitlisted control group (WL). The intervention group received individual‐based, twice‐daily sessions of the programme. Each session comprised education and virtual screen‐based relaxation practice. Data were collected through self‐reported questionnaires and physiological measures. The intervention group showed a significant increase in perceived relaxation and knowledge in comparison with the WL group. However, inconclusive results were observed on subjective and objective stress. The findings in this study indicated that the V‐DESSERTS programme is feasible to be implemented for patients with schizophrenia, depression and bipolar disorders.

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