Investigating the effectiveness of two therapeutic modalities in enhancing self‐esteem among female adolescents

Naela A. Alguzo, Abdul‐Kareem M. Jaradat
Published Online:
20 May 2021
Volume/Issue No:
Early View Articles

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This study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of Adlerian therapy (AT) and solution‐focused brief therapy (SFBT) in enhancing self‐esteem among a sample of female adolescents. The researchers used the Arabic version of Rosenberg's Self‐Esteem Scale and semi‐structured interviews as data collection tools to evaluate the effectiveness of both therapies. The study sample consisted of 60 female students in the 10th and 11th grades selected from a Jordanian government school based on their low self‐esteem scale scores. The participants were randomly divided into three equal groups: two experimental groups and one control group. One of the experimental groups received AT, while the other groups received training on SFBT, while the control group did not receive any treatment. Each experimental group met for one 50‐minute session per week for 8 weeks. The data were analysed using one‐way analysis of variance and one‐way analysis of covariance . The results showed that SFBT was significantly more effective in increasing self‐esteem than AT and no treatment. In addition, AT was found to be substantially more effective in enhancing self‐esteem than no treatment. The researchers supported these results using data collected from the experimental groups' participants through a semi‐structured interview.

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