Influence des caractéristiques propres à l'enfant sur les modalités d'étayage parental

Fabienne Lemétayer
Published Online:
18 Oct 2010
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 36 Issue 3

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This paper presents empirical data about the characteristics of Down's syndrome toddlers and their influence on parental scaffolding style during a play situation. Thirty‐six Down's syndrome children matched on mental age with thirty‐six non‐deficient children in their second year (14, 18 and 22 months) have been videotaped with one of their parents during a sorter task. The results indicate that, contrary to our expectations, parents of Down's syndrome children tend to promote the child's autonomous functioning more than parents of non‐deficient children, often using more indirect instructions. Results are discussed in relation to the specificity hypothesis of parental scaffolding linked to the characteristics of Down's syndrome children.

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