Intention to Migrate, Job Opportunities and Aspiration for Better Pay: An Information Integration Approach

Etienne Mullet, Felix Neto
Published Online:
27 Sep 2007
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 26 Issue 1

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This study examines (a) the relationship between intention to migrate, aspiration for better pay, and job opportunities in host countries in samples of Portuguese and French adolescents, and young French adults; and (b) the relationship between intention to return to country of origin, pay and job opportunities in Portuguese migrant workers living in France. In the two Portuguese groups, the model that best accounts for intentional processes is multiplicative. This finding partially explains why a minimal change in one of the two parameters can have repercussions that are apparently disproportional with this change. In the two French groups, the models that best account for intentional processes are the additive model (for young adults) and a unifactorial model (in adolescents). The discussion centres on possible links between these cross‐cultural differences and recent findings on the effect of task difficulty and perceived stakes on integration rules.

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