Analyse génétique de l'autorégulation et de la performance dans une tâche de formation de concepts

Adrien Pinard, Carole Vezeau, Anne‐Marie Melot
Published Online:
27 Sep 2007
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 26 Issue 3

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Description of the spontaneous development of performance and self‐regulation mechanisms observed in children solving concept formation problems. Children of three age groups (7;10, 9;10, and 11;9 years old) were asked to solve a series of increasingly more difficult problems which involved discovering a predetermined concept. For each problem, subjects chose cards disposed in a matrix, one by one, and each time asked the experimenter whether the card chosen was a positive or negative instance of the target concept. Analysis of the selection pattern and performance indicates significant differences both between the three age groups and between different types of problem. The discussion centres on an analysis of the development of some of the abilities required in this sort of task, especially the children's ability to correctly identify the information offered by the selected cards.

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