Decreasing Infant Mortality as a Global Demographic Change: A Challenge to Psychology

Çiĝdem Kaĝitçibaşi
Published Online:
27 Sep 2007
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 26 Issue 5

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Decreasing infant mortality is taken up as a demographic phenomenon which constitutes one aspect of a broader conceptualization of “Global Change”. At the root of the global environmental problems faced today is the population issue. With sharp increases in the rates of infant and child survival, the question of what happens to those who survive assumes greater importance. With new policy shifts focusing on early childhood care and development, psychologists' expertise is now being called upon. Psychological knowledge is required especially in the cross‐culturally valid conceptualization and assessment of human development. When made applicable to large numbers of children and parents, such knowledge can be used for detection and screening of risk cases and for establishing the environmental factors promoting psychosocial development.

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