Cultural Ethnocentrism and Imperialism in Citations of American and Scandinavian Psychological Research

Larry E. Greeson
Published Online:
27 Sep 2007
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 26 Issue 2

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The present study was conducted in order to document the extent to which ethnocentrism and imperialism exist in American and Scandinavian reports of psychological research. Journal citation analyses indicated that articles appearing in the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology referenced numerous U.S. resources but also many resources from Europe and other parts of the world. In contrast, articles published in American journals cited a preponderance of U.S. sources and, for the most part, excluded reference to Scandinavian psychological research. These findings were interpreted as indicating the existence of empirical ethnocentrism in U.S. journal citations, and media‐based cultural imperialism in Scandinavian reports of psychological research.

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