Le stress des mères monoparentales en relation avec l'agressivité de l'enfant d'âge préscolaire

Louise S. Ethier, Peter J. La Frenière
Published Online:
27 Sep 2007
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 28 Issue 3

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This study examines the relation between maternal stress and childhood aggression for single and two‐parent families of preschool children. The sample was composed of 32 single and 43 married mothers of children enrolled in preschool programmes (34 girls and 41 boys). Childhood aggression was assessed by preschool teachers using Behar's Preschool Behavior Questionnaire: maternal stress was evaluated using Abidin's Parental Stress Index, and mother—child interaction was filmed at home in a standardized situation. Results indicated that: (1) more children were identified as aggressive in single‐parent families than two‐parent families; (2) parenting stress was higher for single mothers of aggressive children than married mothers of aggressive children, but no difference in stress was observed between groups of mothers of non‐aggressive children; (3) parenting stress is also related with mother's level of education; (4) children's aggressiveness is related with low financial incomes; (5) during interaction in the home, single mothers were more controlling and less positive with their child and maternal stress and the child's negativity were positively correlated.

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