Sense of Closeness to Parents and Family Rules: A Study of Arab and Jewish Youth in Israel

Victor Florian, Aron Weller, Mario Mikulincer
Published Online:
27 Sep 2007
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 28 Issue 3

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The present study investigated adolescents' perception of closeness to their parents and family rules restricting their conduct, in Arab and Jewish Israeli samples. A total of 854 11th‐grade high school students reported their perceptions by a self‐report questionnaire. Overall, the results indicate that the Arab youths perceived more closeness toward their parents and more rules restricting their conduct, compared with their Jewish counterparts. In both cultures, girls reported more restrictions on dating and leaving home than boys. Among Israeli Arab adolescents a positive association was uncovered between closeness to parents and number of rules. No such pattern was evident among Israeli Jewish youth. These and additional findings are discussed within the context of Triandis' cross‐cultural dimension of collectivism‐individualism.

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