Use of the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking in an Exploratory Study of Creativity in Hong Kong Primary School Children: A Cross‐cultural Comparison

Elizabeth Rudowicz, David Lok, Joanna Kitto
Published Online:
27 Sep 2007
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 30 Issue 4

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This exploratory study reports an empirical attempt to (1) establish inter‐scorer and parallel‐forms reliabilities as well as convergent validity of the Chinese version of the TTCT, (2) measure the level of fluency, flexibility, and originality in 10–12 year‐old Hong Kong children, and (3) compare the scores of the Hong Kong sample with those from other studies. The Figural and Verbal Forms A and B were administered. The overall results showed high inter‐rater reliability of the Chinese version of the Test. The parallel‐forms reliability between the Verbal Forms (P > 0.001) of the Test was higher than that between the Figural Forms (P > 0.05). The Hong Kong results on the Figural Test were generally higher than those obtained in Taiwan, Singapore, and USA, but slightly lower than the German results. This trend in the results was reversed on the Verbal Forms. The absence of sex differences on the TTCT was noted.

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