Développement d'une mesure de la justification de la violence envers l'enfant

Andrée Fortin
Published Online:
27 Sep 2007
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 30 Issue 5

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This article presents the results of two studies aimed at developing and validating a violence towards children justification scale. The instrument, the Mesure de la justification de la violence envers l'enfant (MJVE), evaluates three components of parental self‐justification: a restrictive conception of violence towards children, a tolerance of this violence, and a distorted attribution that denies the parent's responsibility or guilt. The psychometrics properties of the MJVE were evaluated with 896 parents. The results indicate that the MJVE is composed of six factors reflecting the three components of justification identified. The construct validity of the MJVE is supported by a confirmatory factor analysis and a study of interscale correlations. The MJVE and its scales were shown to have acceptable indices of internal consistency. The results therefore support the validity and reliability of the instrument. The discussion emphasizes the relevance of pursuing validation of the MJVE as a potentially useful prevention and intervention tool with regards to violence towards children.

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