Factors Influencing the Development of Psychology in Latin America

Jose Miguel Salazar
Published Online:
27 Sep 2007
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 30 Issue 6

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Among the factors impeding the development of the discipline of psychology in Latin America, emphasis must be given to the lack of infrastructural conditions. Also important is the lack of social, economic, and political stability, leading to inadequate administrative and financial support for research. The high degree of uncertainty as to the future of societal outcomes leads to short‐term planning, and weakens the possibility of sustained lines of research. Yet, the same economic and political crises have positive consequences: A growing awareness of social problems and a realization of the utility of psychology in their solutions. The resultant job opportunities for graduates, and a generation of “engaged” professionals, are all helping the growth of an indigenous psychology. Increasing participation of Latin American psychologists in international congresses, particularly those of the Interamerican Society of Psychology, has had laudatory effects on the development of the discipline in the region.

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