International Journal of Psychology - Volume 55 Issue 3 (pages i-iv, 323-498)

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Issue Publication:
June 2020

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Regular Empirical Articles

Brief Research Reports

Regular Empirical Articles

Construct validation of the Narcissistic Admiration and Rivalry Questionnaire in Spanish‐speaking countries: Assessment of the reliability, structural and external validity and cross‐cultural equivalence (pages 413-424)

Marta Doroszuk, Maria Magdalena Kwiatkowska, Jorge Torres‐Marín, Ginés Navarro‐Carrillo, Anna Włodarczyk, Ana Blasco‐Belled, Laura Martínez‐Buelvas, James David Albert Newton, Oscar Oviedo‐Trespalacios, Radosław Rogoza
Published Online:
27 Jun 2019

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