International Journal of Psychology - Volume 55 Issue 4 (pages i-iv, 499-694)

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Issue Publication:
August 2020

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Regular Empirical Articles

Brief Research Report

Regular Empirical Article

Brief Research Report

Regular Empirical Articles

Psychological maladjustment mediates the link between remembrances of parental rejection in childhood and loneliness in adulthood: A cross‐cultural comparative study (pages 590-600)

Ronald P. Rohner, Diane L. Putnick, Alex D. Molaver, Sumbleen Ali, M. Mussaffa Butt, Dara M. Ibrahim, Cecilia Aurino, Marjolijn J. M. Blom, Fatima H. Darwesh, Stefania Auricchio, Araz H. Radha, Maria C. Miranda, Kari Adamsons, Vincenzo Paolo Senese
Published Online:
30 Sep 2019

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